Rat Ruckus

Lost Photo

Photos by Steve Martinez

When I first met Migs, it was apparent that he had a creative mind. I have seen random pictures of his Honda Ruckus floating around the internet and I would constantly find myself screen shotting them on my phone or saving them to my desktop to look at again later. I was amazed at the detail that went into this bike and it seemed that every time I looked over it again, I would find even more detail. Everything on this bike has been tinkered with, even down to the smallest details. Don’t let this rugged exterior fool you, though. Mig’s Ruck is actually a 2011 that has been modified to look a little older. Mig’s has always been into rat rod cars and anything rusty with patina. He had seen some “rusty rucks” and other bikes that have included some cool old school features but when it came down to starting his own build, he wanted to make sure it stood out from the crowd…and that’s just what it does.

Regardless of how small this thing is, when standing next to it, it definitely has it’s own presence. It’s almost like standing next to Davy Crockett with the “wilderness” type feel and the Raccoon tail staring you right in the face. Everywhere we went people stopped, took pictures and would yell “HEY, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?”. I think one of the coolest things about this Ruckus is that you can line it up next to some of the most modified scooters in the game and it still pulls more of a crowd because of the attention of detail and creativity that went into it.

Migs originally purchased his Ruckus bone stock back in March and has accomplished all of his mods on it in just a few short months. He has always been a car guy but wanted to tackle something new so once he came across this pristine scooter, he decided that was the time to step into a new project. He plans to change things up eventually but is really happy with where the project has taken him so far. The biggest motivation for Migs to continue with his Rat Rad inspired Ruckus is all of the great friendships that he’s made from it. He says that you should build whatever you build for the FUN of it, not anything else. He told me that he’s met so many great people during this build that sometimes he forgets that the Ruckus is what initially connected him to them.

Migs would like to thank his wife for tolerating his obsessive hobbies, Joey Gualtieri at Elusive customs for helping so much since the beginning, Jamie at Hiraldo Tuning , Kam Vaswani from RuckHouse, Will “Wang Chic Ken”, Melvin Portorreal, Daniel Ortiz (“we have work to do, sir”), Jst4showautowerkz.com, Mike Canterini at PerformanceKote.com, Kevin at theruckshop.com and last but not least Rob at RuckHouse.


      • AK GarageWorks 8″ fatty mount, extended rear throttle/break cables.
      • Engine: 49cc, NCY CDI, AK Garage header (open), re-jetted carb, intake kit, Daytona belt, Ninja variator, mixed weights, Met gear and a lightened flywheel.
      • Exterior: Clubman handlebars, Hollow Point bicycle stem, Jst4Shw headlight lowering bracket, custom painted/rusted rear frame, custom painted battery box with hand-painted pinup girl, various copper colored engine pieces, lowered/welded seat frame, custom leather seat with brass inserts, vintage Clinton gas tank converted into an oil catch tank, welded 50 Cal. bullets/pegs, Clay Smith oil can converted into a cup holder, Jack Daniels leather tool bag, racoon tail mascot and a Bobber tail light.
      • Suspension/Wheels: Chopped stock front forks, Mojo front wheel cover, NCY rear break pads, Low Boy rear shock, modified hub-centric Kymco rear hub, 12×8 Douglas rear wheel, AK Garage wheel insert and a Avon Stryker tire.

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