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Video by Ethan Wise and Photos by SN

Wise Films // Viper Feature \\ Lowered Lifestyle from Wise Films on Vimeo.

I had the privilege of filming this 2004 Paxton supercharged Viper a few months ago for Lowered Lifestyle. The owner’s name is Haris and the beauty of this car is accented by the distant pine trees and subtle snow covering the ground.
Haris has always loved the Viper ever since his childhood where he would watch the “Viper” show in his home country of Bosnia. He has owned a lot of cars but nothing ever got him as excited as the Viper.
The power of this car is apparent, pushing 8 psi of boost and 750 hp. It has been upgraded air to water cooler, aftermarket clutch and flywheel.  X metal throttle body, tail bov, and it has been lowered with 25 mm spacers.
The custom snake skin green paint job is striking and with the matching engine bay it really pops. When editing the video for this feature, I opted to do a slight color correction because the color of the car looked so great straight out of the camera. Also,  the conditions that day were perfect for video and the pine trees helped diffuse the sunlight.
Sadly, Haris has since sold his Viper because he wanted to move onto something bigger with more comfort while still having some kick. A M5 or a AMG Benz may be next in store for him.

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