WekFest East 2013

Posted on 29th August, by Nick Farrington in Features. Comments

Event Coverage by Nick Farrington

Thousands of people flocked to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center this past Sunday for WekFest East, presented be Wek Sos. WekFest embodies over 200 of  the best cars on the East coast and it’s clear that every one entered packed a “bang”. This event brought an array of different car genres such as VIP, European, JDM, and anything in between. Shows such as WekFest are quite something different for us here in the East because we are normally accustomed to outdoor shows. Being in it’s second year, this event has grown tremendously and we only see it getting larger next year. WekFest appeals to all different types of car enthusiasts which makes it one of the coolest shows in the East!

If you couldn’t make it this time around, allow me to show you WekFest East through my camera lens… Enjoy!



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