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Why Air Lift Performance?

You can trust that Air Lift Performance is the best choice for your suspension upgrade because they have a history of delivering high quality products and amazing customer service. In fact, they’ve been at this since 1949 and have some impressive NASCAR roots.

Air Lift Performance leads the way in defining Performance Air Suspension across the globe. From rigorous testing in their engineering lab to high-caliber performance validation on the track, they go out of our way to make sure Air Lift Performance is the brand you can rely on to get your vehicle looking and performing exactly how you want it.

Air Lift Performance offers a warranty on the following product lines:

Bolt-on applications: 1 Year Limited Warranty

All air compressors: 1 Year Limited Warranty

AutoPilot V2™ and manual air management/control systems: 1 Year Limited Warranty

3H™ and 3P™ air management/control systems, including the 3H height upgrade: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Universal Air Struts (Fabricator Kits): No Warranty

Click To Learn About The Different Air Lift Performance Management Options:

Autopilot V2 Digital Management

3P and 3H Digital Management

Manual Management