Introducing the 0.01, our very first wheel to put 3SDM firmly on the map.
Designing such a wheel isn’t easy as what you may think. Everything needs to be questioned and thrown into the mix; Depth of the concave? Width between spokes? Shape of the individual spokes? Just millimeters of difference can make or break a wheel. Creating a design that will compliment a range of cars is quite the task, but we think the 0.01 really works.
They are made from prime alloy ingot A356.2 aluminium.  Tested to destruction at our R&D facilities, all 3SDM wheels pass rigourous Impact Test, Radial Fatigue, and Corner Fatigue before they go in to production.
Our polished face wheels aren’t the normal diamond cut that you see everywhere, ours are “superfinished” on special turning centres so the radial lines are almost invisible before going through a seven stage aerospace pretreatment.  Our cast wheels have a powder clear coat on all gloss finishes.


Available in Silver Cut & Satin Black.