Our Motorsport Banner is made of durable premium 6 year outdoor vinyl made by Oracal. This vinyl is a 2.5 mil WET application and can be re-positioned if needed. Banners are 10×60″ and will fit almost any vehicle.
Why is ours better than others out there? We pride ourselves in using the highest quality vinyl, which will last you years to come.
• Installation Instructions:
The best way to install is to center the banner and tape the top and bottom center to the vehicle. Once complete, pull up one side, cut the backing paper away and apply. Then, pick up the second side and repeat. Once the vinyl is down, remove the top clear transfer layer to reveal banner surface. We recommend using a Soapy Solution (32oz Spray Bottle) with 2 to 4 drops of dish-washing liquid in a whole squirt bottle full of water. You can also add a couple cap fulls of rubbing alcahol to the mix if you’d like.
Estimated install time: 10-20 minutes
Color: Matte Black
Banners mail out in reinforced tube to prevent creasing.

Please note: we do not offer a warranty on this product unless we install it. Quality tests are run with each batch to ensure the vinyl we’ve received is of the highest quality.
If you need help with installation, please consult a professional vinyl installer, or refer to the installation instruction link above.