Air Lift Performance Kit

11-12 BMW 1M - Air Lift Performance Kit


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This Kit Fits: 11-12 BMW 1M

Get the stance you want and the performance you need with Air Lift’s Performance air suspension kits! Every kit we offer is fully engineered to properly fit your vehicle, provide unmatched static drop, and deliver ride and handling capability that exceeds factory suspensions. No other lowering suspension provides a more versatile package for daily use.

Air Lift Performance


Performance Series air suspension kits are the ultimate suspension choice for your ride. All applications feature lightweight monotube shocks/struts with 30-level adjustable damping. Adjustable camber plates are integrated into the struts top for perfect alignment or wheel fitment and are engineered with high quality spherical bearing upper mounts, providing instant damper response and precise steering feel. 

Another great feature is that the Performance Series shocks/struts have threaded bodies with adjustable mounts; this allows you to alter the factory set heights to better suit your situation without sacrificing suspension travel. As with the Slam Series kits, Air Lift Performance provides everything needed for easy installation. And while everyone loves the way their car looks laid out on the ground, these Performance Series kits are best enjoyed while in motion! The huge range of damping, mated with our progressive rate air springs, allows you to have a comfortable ride on the highway. And with the twist of the damping knob, you have a track-ready suspension poised to cut a fast lap. 

Everything about the Performance Series kits is geared towards maximizing your vehicles suspension: lowest drop, best ride, lowest weight, most adjustability, and incredible handling. All proven on racetracks and back roads around the world. 


Slam Series air suspension kits are designed to give you a slammed stance without the harsh ride quality of lowered coils. A Slam Series strut or shock features twin tube construction coupled with fixed damping, tuned for that specific vehicle. In most cases, the struts bolt directly in place of the OEM equipment and come complete with our patented, noise-reducing upper mount for a quiet ride. Depending on the application, you will see either a double-bellows or a sleeve-style air spring to support the load of your vehicle. These kits are focused on providing an earth-scraping drop while maintaining a great daily ride quality. If youre looking for the most affordable way to get on air, a Slam Series kit is for you.



  • Complete Management System of your choice
  • Air Lift Performance Front Suspension of your choice
  • Air Lift Performance Rear Suspension of your choice
  • Aluminum Air Tank of your choice
  • Tank Fitting Pack
  • Compressor(s) of your choice
  • 40amp Relay(s) for your compressor(s)
  • Relay Wiring Kit(s)
  • Inflation Valve
  • Air Line Cutter Tool
  • (1) 60ft Bundle of DOT Approved Air Line




The Air Lift 3p / 3H is the most popular air management on the market right now, and for good reason. The 3P system is a “Pressure” based system allowing users to set up to 5 different presets for height, or you can manually adjust your height. The 3H system (Height + Pressure) is the exact same as the 3P, but it comes with height sensors for you to install on the vehicle to automatically adapt to changes in vehicle load.


You can also use your mobile device as the controller!
Set your height or pressure presets easily and enjoy quick at-a-glance status of your settings.

Free. Easy. No additional hardware to buy or install.


Many of our vehicle applications we may offer multiple different front kit options:

Performance Series: Most kits feature a 5.8” drop + threaded shock bodies for extra adjustability, 30-level damping adjustability, adjustable camber plates, anodized red accents. This is the more premium option as it includes more height, camber and dampening adjustment.

Slam Series: Most kits feature a 5.8” drop, durable double bellow (or sleeve style) air springs and gloss black brackets. These tend to be a more cost-effective option since they are the more basic setup without all of the bells and whistles.


Air Lift Performance rear kits provide a sporty, and comfortable, ride without losing any performance you would expect out of a high end suspension. Enjoy track ready handling and nearly endless adjustability for your rear ride height.


Air Lift is an industry leader in the world of adjustable damping shocks for both daily drivers and people who want to track their cars. You can drive lower thanks to the shortened shock bodies and the adjustable damping feature gives you the ability to dial in your comfort level based on how you want the vehicle to handle.


We almost always recommend 1/4" air line when bagging a vehicle for multiple reasons. Not only will is provide a more accurate height adjustment as you air up or down, it also provides a smoother adjustment experience and tends to be less “jumpy” when the vehicle height adjusts. For installation, it’s also much easier to run along the body of the vehicle (or inside) as it’s smaller and more flexible.


The Viair 444c compressor is one of the most popular compressors on the market thanks to its reliability and fast tank fill times. We offer these compressors in Chrome and Stealth Black, and as a single compressor or dual compressors options. 444c’s are rated for 200 PSI and have a 100% duty cycle. You can't go wrong with any option here.


We offer the best in aluminum tanks (these will never rust), in many different configurations. The 4 gallon is the best all around and comes in raw or polished aluminum finishes.

If you’re wondering about tank dimensions: 5 gallon is 37x8x8, 4 gallon is 32x8x8 and 2.5 gallon is 22x8x8.


If you want to run two compressors with your Air Lift 3H or 3P system, just make sure to add a second harness. This is all you need!


If you live in a colder climate where temperatures may drop, you might want to upgrade to SMC Check Valves. The internals are more robust and thus more reliable long-term vs the pre-installed Viair check valves.


Want a way to help dampening the sound of your compressor? Add one of these to your cart! These rubber mounts are spring loaded and will help reduce vibration while the compressors are on.