Riverside Chattanooga 2021

Coverage by Chris Strader (Royal Menace Media)
With the return of car shows comes the return of the Lowered Lifestyle blog. We founded our brand back in 2012 with a blog and we're bringing back the old-school fundamentals of Lowered Lifestyle to you guys.
2020 was a tough year for car shows and Riverside had it's share of run-ins with Covid-19 precautions. The original event in 2020 was postponed until the Fall and it was really a testing ground of how people could and should navigate these shows during a global pandemic.
Fast forward to 2021 and Riverside Chattanooga is thriving in every way. Pristine, fully-built cars were plentiful, people were happy to be out and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It's so incredible to see how our car community bands together to help make events like this go off without a hitch, and to maintain city safety guidelines to make sure we're welcomed back again and again. A big thank you to Mason, Karley and the rest of the gang for having us back again this year. 

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