SEMA 2022 Coverage and Recap

Photos and words by Matt Phillips

The time is here again for us to make our yearly pilgrimage out to to Las Vegas for The SEMA Show. This marks 8 years of us attending what most would call the MECCA of the automotive world. Each year, businesses and builders bring out the best of the best builds and products and put them on the world stage. 

Since this is the first "full year" back after COVID slowed things down, we were very excited to see that the convention was back in full swing and the energy was high. People were genuinely excited to be there and to be back at such a speical event. We had chance to walk around and talk to tons of people, along with many of our partners, and everyone seemed to equally share the excitement to just be back. Plain and simple. 

As always, the builds in the Toyo Treadpass brought their A-Game's. This is usually one of the first places we stop whenever we arrive at the event and if you take a look at some of the photos below, you'll see why. 

Outside of Central Hall was quite the spectacle as well with the Hoonigan / Ebay Motors Burnyard, along with a bunch of other awesome displays.

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